Thursday, 2 April 2015

Out for the first time

The first tentative steps out of the shed.
This afternoon, for the first time, I opened the door to allow my peafowl trio out into the big wide world. One of the cocks flapped out immediately and circumnavigated the pen a few times, before returning to the doorway of the shed. With the lure of some pellets the other two came out also, and after a short period hanging about round the door they moved off and began to explore. After a while I left them to it and went for dinner, returning at 19.30 to see what was happening. They'd gone about 50 m from home, but came up as soon as they saw me and were easily persuaded to go back into the shed and pen.

Starting to explore, watched by the guineafowl.

Already enhancing the Yorkshire Arboretum!

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