Thursday, 4 June 2015

Peafowl at the Yorkshire Arboretum

All five free-ranging peafowl feeding together at the Yorkshire Arboretum this afternoon. The three in the foreground are the Indian blues I raised from eggs last year: the peacocks are brothers, the peahen is unrelated. The two pied peacocks are behind. 

The trio investigating the cafe terrace, after hours, once people and dogs have gone.

One of the Indian blue peacocks. They were hatched in early July 2014.

The 'pied boys'; these came from John Newsholme at Easter. They tend to keep together, a little distance from, but loosely associated with the others. They were both  hatched in 2014.

The pied Indian Blue peacock, showing the classic barred wing feathers.

The pied black-shouldered peacock - a very different plumage. He is 'split to white', i.e. will transmit the gene for all-white birds.

The most recent addition, acquired from John Newsholme last weekend, a pied black-shouldered peahen, in this case split to opal. The genetics of peafowl are remarkably complex! She is a 2013 bird and is currently getting used to her surroundings from within the aviary, but will be released in due course.

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